Festivals are the key of together at a one place. Lord Swaminarayan started best strategy of celebration of festivals to development of management and develop harmony and peace around the world.

By the celebration festivals we relieve from monotony. So, arrangement of festival event due to that create an environment of cultural harmony.

We celebrate festivals surround the many places to teach forget enmity and embrace one another in a bond of love.

Some festivals like Janashtami, Nrihsighjayanti, Dipavali and so and so these festivals through we always explain moral, ethical, social values of life mix up with entertainments.

We are being tried to produce a feeling of social equality and honesty toward nation and values of life by independence and republic days celebration.

Generally, effects of festivals are very wholesome for an individual and for the society. Shree Swaminarayan temple Sardhardham always diligent to create a sense of cultural unity or brother hood by such festivals and people also inspire for such think. Because this activity inspires a sense of purity in our heart.

By celebrating this we just helps to bring the harmony in our Indian society without any class-hatred.

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